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Aber 1/16-scale 8.8cm Tiger ammunition

by Lester Plaskitt

In 1/16 scale comes 8.8 cm Tiger 1 anti-tank ammo with the rounds packing box included (set number 16 012). This is a fantastic not so little set which includes 3 shell cases turned from brass which in turn will mean no painting is required (perhaps a light buff up with a soft cloth will suffice). To go with the shell cases there are 3 rounds again expertly turned in aluminium, as the rounds are supplied separate they can be pre painted before fitting to the shell casings (an operation that requires no more than a push fit). A small etch fret is supplied which provides both the stamped bases for the shell casings and also doubles as a stencil for the markings which need to be added to the lid of the ammo packing box. The packing box is supplied as separate pre cut lengths of base wood that can be assembled quickly and accurately using the clear step-by-step instructions, which also include a painting and marking guide. The clasps and nails required for the packing case are also provided in the shape of an etch fret and finally Aber have included a sheet of water slide decals with the stencilling required for each round. This comprehensive set will find its must use with Tamiya's 1/16-scale Tiger 1 but I feel to would also be the perfect accessory to use with any number of the 1/16-scale figures on the market at the moment and with the packing box being made of wood there lies a huge potential for weathering and distressing of the box. On the whole a well thought out and expertly produced accessory pack.