AJ Press Tiger I volume 1

Andrew Dextras

In a similar format as their 5 volume Panther series AJ Press now tackles the legendary Tiger I.  This 110 page book covers the early Tiger I and consists of the following material:  50 pages of developmental history (including well reproduced period images), 40 pages of 5 view 1/35 drawings, 9 pages of colour plates and an 11 page model roundup.

The developmental history of the Tiger I has been covered in detail in many publications, so there are no revelations in the bilingual Polish-English text but it is well organised.  The period photos are very well reproduced and there is good coverage of both the Porsche VK4501(P) and Henschell VK3601(H) prototypes.

The 1/35 scale drawings are well done and cover pretty well every variation of early Tiger Is you could imagine including all the various turret bin variations.  This visual documentation of when different features came into effect and were phased out (ie: spare tracks on turret, S mines, escape hatch etc..) gives the modeller a good visual guide when modelling a specific production "run" or time frame.

The modelling guide is also handy as it gives the modeller a quick and easy breakdown of kits and accessories on the market for Tiger Is.

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