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Archer Fine Transfers #35038/35059 German WWII Turret Numbers and Letters

Andrew Dextras

There has been a huge gap in the AFV modelling market for several years now for high quality German turret numbers.  Archer Fine Transfers has come to the rescue of German AFV modellers yet again.  Printed on a 3-1/2" x 5" sheet, these sheets contain enough numbers and letters to keep the most prolific German AFV modeller happy for a long while.  Sheet 35038 contains 57 numbers .42" tall and 68 numbers .33" tall.  They are available in black w/white outline, red w/white outline, blue w/white outline and blue w/yellow outline.  Sheet #35059 is also 3-1/2" x 5" and contains 57 letters .42" tall and 68 letters .33" tall and comes in the same colour combinations as sheet #35038.  The sheet provides the modeller with enough options to model practically every combination of German command AFV markings imaginable.  Highly recommended.

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