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StuG in Action - Armageddon Publishing

Andrew Dextras


This surprise release from this new Polish publishing firm is printed in a smaller 7x 10 hardcover format with 192 pages in total.  The coverage consists of 40 pages of developmental history (including some sketches showing the changes between different versions), 7 pages of excellent colour plates and 145 pages of wartime action photos.  The best way to describe this book would be to say that it is the Polish equivalent of a Ground Power issue.  Anyone familiar with the GP series knows that this can only mean that StuG fans have hit the jackpot!  The images are generally 2 per page so they are of a good size, some full page shots are also included.  Image quality is excellent with coverage mainly consisting of the long barrel versions.  The real bonus in my opinion is the great StuG IV coverage.  New photos of this rare beast are very hard to find and this book has its fair share including some fantastic shots of StuG IVs with Ostketten.  The StuG III Ausf G coverage is extensive with pretty well every combination of features and camo schemes depicted. 

In summary, a must have for every Stug fan and highly recommended to all German WWII armour fans.

In North America Armageddon books are distributed by AirConnection

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