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Friulmodel ATL-61 Sdkfz 251 Final Pattern

Andrew Dextras

The sdkfz 251 halftrack had a variety of track designs.  Tracks could be cast or stamped, standard and notched guide teeth were both seen and both rubber and steel chevron pads were produced.  Modelkasten produces the standard type stamped shoe with rubber pads, Anvil’s excellent click link tracks are available in the standard stamped shoe/rubber pad type and stamped show/rubber pad with notched guide teeth.  Friul’s latest releases fills the “missing link” in the 251 track series (they also make a standard stamped link/rubber pad version) with this release of the “final type” 251 track which is a cast link with metal chevron pad.  These tracks lack the distinctive 251 track lightening holes on the outer portion of the track face.  The links themselves are cleanly cast in Friul’s usual white metal and are assembled in the now standard pinned style with a length of wire that is supplied.  Also included are 8 rings that are to be inserted in between the inner roadwheels to allow them to clear the Friul track guidetooth. 

In summary, a nice addition to any late war 251 model, most notably CMD’s upcoming 251/22 kit.  Highly recommended.

Friulmodel tracks can be obtained from the North American distributor Chesapeake Model Designs

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