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Chesapeake Model Designs #28 Stug G Early Conversion

John Prigent

This neat set is designed to convert Tamiya's StuG III G to the first production version, with a steeper slope to the fighting compartment front plates and the ventilator still on the roof like the Ausf F. Building this for yourself requires quite a lot of work, not just modifying the casement front but altering the trackguards as well as other details. CMD has done all the work for you here, and the main feature of the set is a splendid one-piece replacement hull top incorporating correct trackguards. This isn't quite a drop fit, as two small sections of the Tamiya hull need to be removed first, but CMD shows you exactly what to cut away and the job is simple.

Besides this main part the set includes the driver's side vision port and two lifting hooks which go at the sides of the front plates. Also in my set is a replacement gun collar for the front of theblock mantlet, a nice touch but not essential if you buy a set made before it was added as the Tamiya one is quite good anyway. This conversion enables you to produce the "missing link" between Dragon's F8 and Tamiya's G with block mantlet, makng the whole range of StuG IIIs now available except to the O-series with open roof. Highly recommended.

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