Concord 7039 German Armour Units at Arnhem Sept 1944

John Prigent

This is a great book, ignore any criticisms you may have heard of it!  OK, not all the photographs are of the highest quality.  This is simply because many of them were taken by the people of Arnhem at great personal risk during and after the battle, and a quick surreptitious snapshot is never going to have the same sharpness as a Kreigsberichter's carefully taken shot.  But they're immensely valuable and show many vehicles that none of us would have thought of as being involved, as well as the obvious StuGs, Panthers etc.

 The first page is text, briefly summarising the situation in autumn 1944 and the German units around Arnhem.  It also reveals that there were about 29 PK photographers around Arnhem at the time of the battle and soon after, but many of their photographs have not yet been traced.  Then come several pages of unit organisation tables, for the seven German armoured units involved, from the Panzer-Aufklarungs-Abteilung of 9 SS-Pz-Div Hohenstaufen with 234/1s, 251/9s and 250s to Panzer-Kompanie 244 with Char B well as the tank units.

 The book is organised into separate sections for each unit, and the photos in each section have long, detailed captions giving as much information as is known.  The colour plates complement these, and yes, both photos and plates include gems like the Char Bs and a very late Famo 18-tonner as well as the Panthers, Tiger 2s and other heavy armour.

 Highly recommended.