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Militaria in Detail #4 Jagdpanther

Andrew Dextras

For all those modellers who haven’t been able to acquire the excellent Ground Power issue on the Jagdpanther, which is full of detail shots, an alternative has been offered in the form of this new book from Poland. Detail images of the Jagdpanther are fairly rare as the coverage of this significant tank hunter has been lacking.

The majority of the photographs in this 40 page book cover the IWM and Bovington examples, with a few images of the Saumur and Munster JPs. Images are very clear and all of them are in colour. Text is sparse and all in English. There is extensive interior detail coverage which will come in handy for those modellers building Jaguar’s interior set. The book is topped off by 14 colour plates of Jagdpanthers.

Highly recommended for German armour fans.

Militaria books are available in North America from AirConnection

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