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Eduard #35304 Demag D7 (with Flak 38)

Frank De Sisto

EDUARD 35 304 Demag D7 (with 2cm Flak 38), Italeri, $22.99. Contains: two 3 x 5, two 1.75 x 3.25 inch frets and one piece of film. Two pages of instructions in 17 steps.

This set is designed for the new Italeri kit and is rather complex in certain areas.

Step 1: combines etch and film to rebuild and detail the dashboard and instrument panel.
Steps 2, 3 & 4: upgrades the driver's compartment with transmission details, floor panels and foot pedals, fire extinguisher rack and other small bits.
Steps 5 & 6: provides details for the windshield wipers, engine hoods, Notek light, license plate, rear view mirror and turn signal indicators.
Step 7: gives replacement cab armor and view slits.
Step 8: provides new mesh for the fold down platforms. And yes, it is only "two-dimensional" (and therefor, inaccurate) reflecting one of the limits of the photo etching process.
Step 9: details the rear fenders and tail lights.
Steps 10 through 15 deals with the gun and mount and basically provides small bits and pieces to detail various kit parts.
Step 16: provides for all new gun shields.
Step 17: gives a very intricate spent shell catching basket.

Overall, it would appear that this set should provide more than enough of a detail upgrade to the basic Italeri kit. Add Fruilmodel tracks and sprocket, replace the gun tube and you should have quite a fine model. Highly recommended, skill level: intermediate. Value for money: excellent.

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