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Eduard #35330 Flakpanzer Kugelblitz

Frank De Sisto

EDUARD 35 330, Flakpanzer IV Kugelblitz for DML kit. Contains one 2.74 x 4, one 2.73 x 3.5 inch fret, one small mask sheet and four pages of instructions in 24 steps. Price: $19.99 USD.

This set will provide details for the recent DML (or Shanghai Dragon) issue of this late war prototype anti-aircraft vehicle. In line with several of the more recent Eduard sets, it also provides a small sheet of Express Mask material for the national insignia.

Step 1: provides braces for the exhausts as well as details for the flange which connects the upper and lower hulls, on the rear plate.
Step 2: provides engine deck details.
Step 3: provides parts to replace the rear Notek light and mount.
Step 4: provides replacement tread plate for the rear fenders, engine air intake doors and wing nuts, plus new rear mud flaps.
Step 5: provides replacement front fender mud flaps.
Steps 6 to 12: provides tool and equipment stowage trays, brackets, clamps and straps.
Step 13: provides a new spare wheel stowage bin, fender details and shows placement for previously constructed sub assemblies.
Steps 14 to 20: provides more tool and equipment stowage brackets and clamps, plus details for driver and RO compartment hatch locks.
Step 21: shows placement for previously constructed sub assemblies and more fender details.
Step 22: provides details for turret access hatch interiors.
Step 23: provides a replacement strip to hold spare track on the lower bow plate.
Step 24: details the application of various styles of national insignia using the Express Mask material enclosed.

Highly recommended, skill level: intermediate. Value for money: excellent

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