Eduard 35398 Marder III

John Prigent

Well, this is a nice one!  No Express Mask for the crosses, but instead you get no less than four frets including replacement trackguards.  Brackets to hold them up, of course, and the usual host of tool and spare track holders.  Hold-open struts for the driver's vision port, replacement brackets and detail parts for the smoke candle box, a perforated grouser box, and lids for the ammo boxes plus the hold-downs for the shells inside them and twelve case ends for the shells themselves.  As if all that wasn't enough, also included are replacement hull hatches, alternative open or closed sliders for the engine air vent with a separate mesh to go over either one, and struts for the rear basket.  You’re still left with cleaning up the basket itself, or remodelling it in brass rod, but that construction would hardly work in flat etched brass.

 As well as these parts there are three perforated boxes to go under the gun cruciform, whose purpose I can't begin to guess, and a neat open-topped perforated bin with brackets for the rear end of the starboard trackguard.  I wonder what went in that one?

 Recommended!  Now I'll have to dismantle my part-built Marder III to use those nice trackguards, but the effort will be worthwhile.

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