Eduard 35418 Sdkfz 166 Brumbar

Andrew Dextras

Designed to fit Tamiya's older Brumbar kit, this set features one large and one medium sized photo etched sheets.  Since this is not a complicated vehicle, the majority of the parts deal with tool stowage and replacing chunky details.  Details include a nice treadplate replacement for the rear fenders, individual engine intake covers, front fenders, rear fenders and some nice hatch details for those of you wishing to add a figure or two. 

This set would be ideal for anyone who wants to update the Tamiya kit (as it's the only mid production Brumbar on the market), but would also be an ideal set for anyone wanting to try photo etch for the first time as the instructions are very straightforward and the set is fairly easy to use compared to some of Eduard's larger 4 sheet sets

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