Eduard 35427 Panzer IV Ausf. D

Andrew Dextras

Eduard has recently been re-doing it's older sets and been updating them as improvements are made in photo etch design.  Many of these sets were designed for older models and this new set for the Tamiya Panzer VI Ausf D is one of these.

 The set consists of 2 large PE sheets and 2 smaller ones as well as some Express mask markings.  Whereas the original Eduard set for this vehicle was very good for the time, this new set is very comprehensive and will add a considerable amount of finesse to the kit.  One of the negatives in these older kits is that some of the tool or stowage fittings are modeled into the fenders, Eduard thoughtfully provides some treadplate fender sections to fit where the new tool fittings go.  This saves the modeller the risk of ruining the kit's treadplate when removing molded on detail.

 Highlights of the set include a nice smoke discharger rack, air intake restrictor plates, front and rear fenders, turret rain guards and easy to use tool clamps.  Anyone interested in this set should take a look at the instruction sheet which Eduard has thoughtfully put online at their website.

Eduard Website