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Eduard German Jagdtiger photo-etched brass in 1/35 scale for DML kit (35701)

by Frank De Sisto

Contains two frets and four pages of instructions. Price: $22.95 USD.

This rather comprehensive and fairly extensive set can be used on all versions of the DML kit, be they those with Porche or Henschel suspensions. To begin with, there are parts to embellish the basic interior bits (gun breech and mount) that DML provides in the base kit. These include plates that depict a ready ammo rack with or without propellant cases, details for the recoil and recuperator cylinders and other gun mount parts, as well as a gas mask storage bracket. The large, two-part casemate rear surface hatch also gets a detailed pair of interior plates and locking levers. Elsewhere, on the casemate roof, the commander’s hatch gets some detail as does the flap that covers the periscope gun sight.

The engine deck receives new screens as well as parts to represent fuel tank vent pipes. These are, of course, flat and should be replaced by fine wire. The anti-aircraft machine gun pedestal gets new parts for its base as well as a new cradle for the gun. The MG34 itself receives an anti-aircraft ring site and belted ammo. The latter is flat as well and is best replaced. The hull rear plate receives optional exhaust pipe shrouds (seen on a few early Jagdtigers, notably the type with the Porche suspension) black-out lamp mounts and cradle for the vehicle’s jack. The jack block gets completely new details such as mounts and straps, while the two “C”-type tow hooks get new wing-nut detail, but curiously, no new brackets.

The side plates have all new mounts and brackets for the tow cables, track changing cable and gun-tube cleaning rods. Be careful here since both sides of the vehicle are not shown on the instructions, but the symbols that denote “symmetrical assembly” show where the same bits are mounted on the other side. Also note that some tools get mounted on only one side and should be placed as per the DML kit’s instructions. The front of the hull roof receives the external locks that held open the hatches and easy-to-use one-piece tool clamps. There is a bit of detail for the gun travel crutch and a (best discarded) part that is meant to represent the power cable that goes to the Bosch headlamp. Fine wire is a better alternative in this case.

So, this is a very well done set, fairly easy to use and quite complete. It ought to dress up this big cat rather nicely.

Highly recommended.

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