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Eduard German Jagdtiger Fenders (35704)

by Frank De Sisto

Contains one large fret and two pages of instructions. Price: $19.95 USD.

For those who are going to hang fenders on their Jagdtiger, Eduard provides this set. It consists of parts to complete both sides, tailored for the additional length of the Jagdtiger’s hull. So this set is not useful for a standard Tiger II. Also, for those who wish to fully detail the Jagdtiger with an etch set, but don’t wish to have their model fitted with fenders, they can dispense with the purchase of this set and will not have to pay for such an addition if it came in the main set (35701, previously reviewed).

Aside from the side fenders themselves, this set includes the small mounting strips that were used to bolt the fenders into place. The edge of the etch fret provides suitably shaped holes that the modeler is instructed to use to create hex-bolts. Simply heat a length of sprue and jam it into the hole. And presto: hex bolt heads. The less adventurous may wish to use Grandt Line parts instead. The front and rear mud flaps are fully detailed, and the rear flaps are especially noteworthy for their detail. Unlike some other sets on the market, the rear flaps are not overly complicated by being provided with working hinges. Personally, I prefer the easier method.

The instructions are clear and un-complicated, which should be rather helpful to modelers. Note that due to the size of some of the fender segments, a hobbyist’s special-purpose photo-etch folding tool may be helpful.


Eduard products are available at retail and mail order shops and directly from the manufacturer at: www.eduard.cz. Visit their web site for images of reviewed items.