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Eduard Jagdtiger turned aluminum gun tube (34053)

by Frank De Sisto

$12.95 USD.

Not too long ago, Eduard released a gun tube for the Jagdtiger, but labeled as for use on the Revell kit. Naturally, since the Revell kit was simply a re-box of the DML kit, the earlier gun tube was suitable for both releases. So, it is curious that Eduard chose to release the same item for the DML kit.

Regardless of that, this cleanly-turned item is a definite improvement over what DML gives the modeler in their otherwise fine Jagdtiger kits. DML made the mistake of modeling the kit’s gun tube after the vehicle seen at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds Ordnance Museum. The APG Jagdtiger’s gun tube is stuck in recoil, and therefore does not protrude from the mantlet in the proper manner. Eduard’s item accounts for that “shortfall” so will be quite useful to modelers.

Highly recommended.

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