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Eduard King Tiger turned aluminum gun tube (34052)

by Frank De Sisto

Price: $12.95 USD.

This gun tube is a replica of later the two-part 8.8cm KwK as seen on those Tiger IIs with the series production turrets. It was also seen on some of the earlier turrets (that are still, after all these years incorrectly referred to as “Porche” turrets; all turrets were built by Krupp), and with modification, can probably be used on the Jagdpanther kit of your choice.

This single-piece, cleanly turned item has an integral muzzle brake, which, unfortunately only partially matches drawings in Jentz & Doyle’s Panzer Tracts book on the subject. On page 6-45, the muzzle brake appears to be too small, while the length of the forward section is slightly too long. The rear section matches the drawing very well, however. On page 6-51, the muzzle brake almost matches as does the rear section of the gun tube. But the forward section is again too long. The Schiffer book by Jentz & Doyle, “VK45.02 to Tiger II” has drawings that cause the gun tube to cross the gutter between two pages, making them useless for compareson.

As the references cannot agree amongst themselves, I simply don’t know how to call this one!

Recommendation withheld.

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