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Eduard Schurzen A-typ, Russia 1944, StuH.42/StuG.III photo-etched brass (35721)

by Frank De Sisto

Contains three frets and one page of instructions. Price: $22.95 USD.

Fans of the StuG. III have long been aware that there were several configurations of the vehicle’s Schurzen, as well as their mounts. Eduard already markets a “standard” set for the Tamiya kit, which duplicates the type given in that kit.

This new set features a style that was seen in a widely-known photo of a StuH. III serving in the Soviet Union. The lower plates were not mounted on rails, but were attached directly to the fenders with tri-angular plates, while double layers of upper plates were mounted at an angle, leaning from just above the fender line, on to the superstructure. All of this is presented in the latest Eduard effort. Eduard also supplies four etched stencils for tactical signs as well as a pair of etched stencils for the unit insignia of what I believe is StuG.-Abt. 190.

Because of the style of the mounts, this set should be quite easy to fit, requiring only that the modeler supply styrene rod for some of the mounting points. The excellently presented instructions are quite clear on this point, making this an ideal set for the beginner.


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