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Eduard Sd.Kfz.251/1 Ausf.C (35801)

by Frank De Sisto

1/35-scale photo-etched brass for the DML kit. Price: $24.95 USD.

This set is almost a carbon-copy of the set for the “slash seven” engineer half track, but it dispenses with the new radio and supports for the assault bridge sections, while providing a full set of rifle racks for an infantry section.

To reiterate: Eduard provides a full-color, printed sheet of paper for the instrument dial faces (which I prefer over their film) that goes behind the new etched panel. There are also other parts for the driver’s cockpit such as foot pedals, gear shift box, gas mask racks and seat backs. A new radio mounting frame, new MP40 ammo pouches and new vision block holders are also provided. The various internal stowage lockers get new hinge details, while new racks are provided for rifles, MP40 and MG34/42s and ammo drums.

Externally, details for the tools as well as one-piece clamps and brackets are given; I like these because they assemble very easily. I don’t need them to be workable and therefore overly complex. A new shield is provided for the forward-mounted MG34/42. Various brackets and mounts are given for head- and tail-lamps as are new turning signal indicators. The jerry cans included in the DML kit get new racks, while the external storage lockers receive new hinges and securing chains. The final items are frames to support a foul-weather canvas top.

Another nice, simple-to-use set from Eduard.


Images provided by Eduard whose products are available at retail and mail order shops, or direct from the manufacturer at: www.eduard.cz.