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Eduard Stug.III Ausf.B. Photo-etched brass in 1/48 scale (28005)

by Frank De Sisto

Contains: two frets and four pages of instructions. Price: $22.95 USD.

While virtually ignoring 1/35 scale, Tamiya recently began producing kits in 1/48 scale, creating (almost overnight) a demand for aftermarket detail sets. Eduard has come up with several sets for these new kits, one of which I’ll examine in this review.

The most noticeable item is the fret with replacement fender tops for those who wish to re-work the plastic kit’s most notable shortcoming: tools molded on to the fenders. However, this will require great care as Eduard expects that some tools will be completely removed, intact, from the fender’s surface, prior to being re-installed with fully-detailed tool clamps and brackets. Then, all-new details, such as the stiffening ribs (made from plastic rod that the modeler will have to source himself) and their mounts, are added to the surface. This is a dicey proposition at best. However, Eduard also offers an alternative: the modeler can leave the tools and fenders as is, and use the parts that provide only the tops and sides of the tool clamps. In this scale, this should prove to be quite adequate. Those tools that Tamiya provides separately, as well as the jack, fire extinguisher and gun-cleaning staffs, receive completely detailed brackets and clamps.

Eduard also supplies a nice fold-up part for the jack block featuring delicate wood grain detail, as well as a small tool storage box complete with mount, brackets, hinges and lock. Front and rear mud flaps (which include hinges, hooks and support brackets), head- and tail-lamp mounts, complete the fender assembly. The rear deck receives new tow cable clamps and brackets, a completely new antenna storage channel and mounts and a new multi-part grill section for the hull overhang. Finally, screens for the engine air intake grills finish the rear end. The front of the model gets new head-lamp covers, while all hatches receive small details such as hasps and locks.

In essence, Eduard has provided enough etched details to bring these new 1/48-scale kits up to a standard that nearly matches that seen on the more traditional 1/35-scale kits. Those who have taken the plunge into this particular scale should welcome this set with open arms.


Product images are used by permission of Eduard.

Eduard products are available at retail and mail order shops and directly from the manufacturer at: www.eduard.cz. Visit their web site for additional images of reviewed items.