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Elite 106: Wehrmacht Combat Helmets 1933–45

by Brian C Bell, illustrated by Kevin Lyles

Published by Osprey Publishing Ltd, ISBN 1-84176-725-5, 64 pages.


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Did you think that the German “coal-scuttle” helmet only came in one variety? Wrong! There were a number of variations, plus of course the Fallschirmjaeger helmet, and this book describes and illustrates them all. The colours – no, they weren’t all “field grey” – and decal badges are described here too, and shown by the plates and in colour photographs of preserved helmets. The plates show typical examples in use, and the whole book gives all the information needed to tell them apart when checking photographs for modelling purposes. There’s information here about camouflage cloth covers, nets, and the use of bread-bag straps to hold foliage too.


Recommended – check your favourite photographs against the information here and prepare to modify kit helmets!
John Prigent

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