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Andrew Dextras

Recently re-released and revised in English by JJF, this classic autobiography of one of the unique personalities of the German military follows his extraordinary career from Poland through capture in Normandy and on to his postwar years. Written in a surprisingly easy and relaxed flowing style, "Panzermeyer" recounts the actions he was involved in over 5 long years as CO of firstly SS.Pz.Jg.Kp.1 of "LAH", through to SS.Afkl.Abt.12 of "HJ" and ultimately the Division itself, and in so doing, paints a riveting portrait of an amazingly charismatic figure. Incredibly cool an resourceful under pressure, Meyer achieved incredible feats and inspired those around him with sheer force of personality. Renowned for being able to hold his units together under overwhelming odds and never losing his cool or belief in victory, he established an amazing reputation and an unyielding loyalty amongst his troops and the enemy alike, despite being tarred with the responsibility of the nasty massacre of Canadian POWs in Normandy which he steadfastly denies involvement in. Offering an unparallel and unique insight into the mind and experiences of a true legend, "Grenadiers" will provide a fascinating read to anyone interested in a first hand account of the times and these units. Photos and maps complete the picture with many shots of him in action and at rest.


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