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Wehrmacht Heer Camouflage Colours 1939-1945

Andrew Dextras

A surprise release is this new book published in the Czech Republic which covers the development and implementation of camouflage colours used by German forces in WWII. Printed on very high quality paper, the book’s 70 pages take the reader through both a technical analysis of the German camo system as well as a general history of German forces in the second world war.

The book features some great paint chips which will prove useful to the modeller. Included in the pages following the chips are some nice colour images of non restored German gear such as headlights, helmets and gas cans in their original colours. These images are very important as they show the amount of variation possible even in a standardised paint system.

There are also numerous colour images of German tanks at Aberdeen. These images were taken after the tanks were repainted by the museum personnel so be careful when interpreting them. There are some excellent crisp wartime colour images including a great sdkfz 10/4 closeup shot.

However, the best surprise of the book are actually black and white images! There are some images of 251 series vehicles which are so rare that alone they are worth the price of the book. The images feature a 251/22, 251/17 (late version), 251/21, 234/3 as well as some great Jagdpanzer 38 images including a Bergepanzer 38 with a 20mm gun mounted!

Overall at $23.00 US, this book represents excellent value for anyone interested in German WWII armour.

For ordering information, visit this website.

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