K59 Marder III Hull Update

Andrew Dextras

After their superb Marder II Ausf D update set it was inevitable that K59 would release a similar update for the Tamiya Marder III.  There will also be a gun/gun shield update released in the near future, but this release concerns itself with the hull updates.

The main parts are very nicely cast in cream resin along with a small sheet of Aber photo etch.  The set deals with some missing details on the Tamiya superstructure sides and at first glance does not look like a tremendous change.  Upon closer examination however, the improvements are obvious.  The finesse of some of these parts is phenomenal.  The main parts include superstructure sides, front, superdetailed ammo bins, rear basket, seats, exhaust and interior stowage.  Small PE tie downs and chains are included and these really add an extra dimension to the kit as there are chains and (resin) pins for the seat backs and the tarp supports.  Instructions are among the best I've seen form an aftermarket company.

Verdict:  the solution if you want to add an extra dimension of detail to the Tamiya Marder III without the complication of using a 500 part photo etch set.  For the truly insane (Mr. Dwyer are you out there?), a combination of this set, the forthcoming K59 gun upgrade and Aber/Royal Model/Eduard Marder III set(s) may yield the "ultimate" Marder III.


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