Kagero 35001 StuG III in Miniature

Dan Oldfield

The publishers at Kagero have developed a new series aimed at the beginner/intermediate modeler, and their first subject is the Sturmgeschutz III. Their idea is to present a modeling subject in a comprehensive booklet, containing historical background, modeling tips and photographs, product listings, color illustrations, technical data tables, and finally, photographs of actual AFVs in museum collections. For those without references, these supplements to the popular Photosniper series could be considered "one stop shopping". Decals for 1/72 and 1/35 scale models complete the package. Advanced modelers may only find value in the 20 black and white photos of the Munster and Koblenz ausf. G vehicles (particularly the interior shots), but newcomers to the hobby will find this booklet an worthwhile introduction to modeling the StuG III.

Kagero Wesbite