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Kagero Photosniper 14 Panzer IIC & Luchs

by Andrew Dextras


Kagero's Photosniper series is a cost effective solution for modellers looking for detail photos of a specific vehicle and a bit of background history. This latest title is no exception. The 50 page bilingual English/polish softcover begins with 16 pages of developmental and service history with a smattering of black and white period photos. The next 16 pages feature very crisp, clear colour detail photos of the Panzer IIC at Saumur. This is followed by 13 pages of colour detail images featuring the Panzer II Luchs, also from Saumur. The book ends up with 3 pages of somewhat average colour plates. As a bonus, a nice 1/35 decal sheet from Techmod featuring the subjects from the colour plates. Overall, a very reasonably priced book that will be very handy for anyone building the Alan "C" or a Luchs.

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