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Kagero Photosniper 16 Panzer IV volume 1

by Andrew Dextras


First in a series from Kagero covering the Panzer IV Ausf J, this one takes a slightly different format from previous Photosniper books. A short 8-page section briefly covers the history of the "J." This is followed by a 24-page section of detail photos of the Banska Bystrzyca and Dukla vehicles. This is then followed by 26 pages of CAD drawings in 1/35 scale, including some great perspective drawings. Some of the CAD drawings are very nice close-ups showing various details, a nice touch. The book ends off with 3 pages of side view color profiles. As with all Kagero books, a bonus in the form of 1/35 and 1/72 decals is included, these depict the subjects of the color plates.

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