Karaya KTC 35002 Tiger Tow Cable Set

Andrew Dextras

Ever suffer from springy cable blues?  Tired of heating your brass/copper cables to anneal them?  Hate the look of nylon string?  Join the club. Featuring 2 tow cables and 1 track changing cable in a very flexible metallic material which stays exactly where you put it and appropriate resin cast tow eyelets, this set is the final touch for your Tiger I model.  The cable can be bent any way you desire and doesn't spring back, the last thing you want when you've got it wrapped around 15 pieces of very delicate photo etch for the track changing cable mounts!  Karaya are also concerned about accuracy, these cables feature a left hand winding, just like the real thing (Allied armour cables have right hand winding).

I haven't found anything that compares to this product for both accuracy and ease of use.

Highest possible recommendation.

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