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Men-at-Arms 404: The Waffen-SS (2) 6. to 10. Divisions

by Gordon Williamson, illustrated by Stephen Andrew

Osprey Publishing Ltd: ISBN 1-94176-590-2, 48 pages

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This second book in this series continues where the previous title leaves off. It covers a group of divisions with a wide variety of purposes, including the 6. SS-Gebirgs Division “Nord”, 7. SS-Freiwilligen Gebirgs Division “Prinz Eugen”, 8. SS-Kavallerie Division “Florian Geyer”, 9. SS-Panzer Division “Hohenstaufen”, and finally, 10. SS-Panzer Division “Frundsberg”.

Following the format of the series, this title begins with a brief introduction, which ties in with the previous volume. It then continues to describe the divisions in question by giving details on the formation, structure, deployment, campaigns, and dates of commander’s tenure. The reader must follow closely since the units evolved over time, so their structure and designations often changed as well.

As the units covered consist of armored, mountain and cavalry formations, the variety of uniforms is something that those on the look out for something different will appreciate.

The 42 B&W photos are well reproduced and are accompanied by informative captions. They depict officers and enlisted men either as individuals or sometimes in groups. Many are of portrait quality, so insignia is shown to advantage.

As per the previous book, there are also a number of photos depicting unit-specific insignia removed from uniforms for clarity.The eight pages of color plates profile 26 different officers and enlisted men. Various specialized cavalry, motorcycle, camouflage, mountain and AFV crew uniforms are depicted, as is a rather rare SS-Fallschirmjager. The artwork is as usual well done, nicely detailed and is accompanied by full commentary.

Highly Recommended.

Frank V. De Sisto

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