Wydawnictwo Militaria in Detail #9 Ė Panzerkampfwagen I/ Klein Panzerbefelswagen I

Andrew Dextras

This 52 page blingual Polish/English book features an excellent collection of detail photographs featuring Panzer I ausf A, Ausf B, Befels Ausf B and Panzer I Ausf F.  The photos have obviously been taken with the modeller in mind and highlight some of the notable features of the various sub-variants.  The book is in full colour throughout except for the Ausf F images and features some great interior photos of the Ausf A.  The Ausf F images are very handy as there isnít a tremendous amount of photographic coverage of this version in most books.

Overall, the best reference book Iíve seen for close-up images of Panzer I versions.

Highly recommended.

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