Wydawnictwo Militaria 144 – Panzerjager I

Andrew Dextras

Spanning 48 pages this book follws in the usual Wydawnictwo format and begins with a developmental history of the 4.7cm armed SP on the panzer I Ausf B chassis and the 4.7cm on the Renault R35 chassis.  The text is in Polish only, however captions are in bilingual Polish/English.  The number of “action” photos is excellent and cover both vehicles quite well (not that many photos of the R35 based one exist!) and include some which I have never seen before including a Panzerjager I Ausf B captured in the western desert on a trailer towed by an allied tractor.  Interesting diorama ideas!  There are also some nice 1/35 scale drawings of both vehicle types as well as 3 pages of colour plates.  The final 16 pages feature a great selection of colour detail photos of a preserved Panzerjager I.

In summary a great little book and essential to anyone interested in building the Italeri kit or any of the conversions for the Heller R35 kit.

Highly recommended.

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