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Wydawnictwo #65 Marder II

Andrew Dextras

This 44 page Polish language book features both the standard Pak 40 equiped Marder II as well as the Panzer II Ausf. D based vehicle armed with the Russian 76.2mm AT gun. Packed with plenty of excellent action photos, colour plates and 1/35 scale drawings. Anyone considering building any of these 2 vehicles would benefit from purchasing this title as it is well priced considering the amount of information packed within it’s pages. I found the variety of camouflage schemes shown for the Marder II very interesting including grey, winter whitewash and dark yellow (alone and in combination with secondary colours) and will give the modeller some great choices when building the recent Alan release. Of interest for kit bashers are some images of the 5cm Pak 38 mounted on the Marder II.

Highly recommended.

Wydawnictwo books can be purchased from AirConnection.

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