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Wydawnictwo #73 Marder III

Andrew Dextras

Published in 1998, this volume follows the typical format of this series.  The 68 pages are filled with a large number of black and white photos, colour plates and main text in Polish.  Image captions are English/Polish bilingual.

The book covers all versions of the Marder III from the initial 76.2mm Russian armed tank destroyer, to the H version with the Pak 40/3 to the final M with the mid mounted engine and the PaK 40/3.  The variety of photos is quite good ranging from assembly line and production images to in action images.  The colour plates are well done and show quite a variety of different schemes for the 3 vehicle types.

A nice reference for anyone wanting to build the recent Tamiya kit and looking for some photos and colour plates to detail and choose a particular vehicle to model.


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