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Wydawnictwo #94 Sturmgeschutz IV

Andrew Dextras

The Stug IV, considering the substantial amount of them produced, has to be one of the rarest German WWII AFVs to appear in print. While there are literal hundreds (or more) photos of the Stug III, Stug IV coverage has been pretty limited. This 40 page Polish language book tries to change this situation a bit. Featuring in action images (English captions), 1/35 scale drawings by Hillary Doyle, excellent colour plates and photos of a Stug IV in a Polish museum, this book is packed with lots of good information on this important AFV. Even if you own the excellent Ground Power issue on the Stug IV, this Militaria title is a good companion to the more expensive Japanese book as it contains some images not found in the GP book as well as the colour plates and museum shots.

Wydawnictwo books can be purchased from AirConnection.

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