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Osprey Modelling 19: Modelling the German 15cm sIG33 Bison and Grille

by Gary Edmundson

Published by Osprey Publishing Ltd, ISBN 1-84176-840-5, 80 pages.

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This is one I’ve been looking forward to, and I wasn’t disappointed! It begins as usual in the series with a short note about the actual vehicles and a longer section about the tools and materials used in the model builds. Then comes the first build, at intermediate level, of the DML Sturminfanteriegeschuetz 33B. Here Gary has used Aber etched air intake screens and replaced the tracks and running gear with Model Kasten tracks and Tamiya suspension and wheels. A number of small improvements to the kit are described and shown in photographs, and the whole job is well within the capacity of anyone who’s built a few models straight from the box so a great introduction to ways of improving kits.

Next is an advanced level build of a 15cm sIG33 (sf) auf Pz I Ausf B, better know as the Bison I. Here Gary has used the Italeri Pz I B and a conversion set from New Connections, combining them with Aber and Eduard etched sets, Model Kasten tracks, a Tiger Model Designs upgrade for the gun and R&J Enterprises gun wheels. This is all well described and illustrated, and will be very useful for anyone working on the Alan Bison I kit or looking to convert the DML Pz I B as well.

The third build is a 15cm sIG33 (sf) auf Pz 38(t) Ausf H using the Kirin kit (since reissued in an improved form by DML). This is at master level and incorporates parts from Tamiya’s Marder III as well as Eduard and Aber etch, Model Kasten tracks, sprockets and idlers, the CMK Marder III interior and the Tiger Model Designs gun. The Marder III having been built on Pz 38(t) chassis makes its upgrade sets an excellent source for improving this model, and with scratchbuilt fighting compartment walls as well as other parts the result is stunning.

Two further builds are incorporated into mini-dioramas as special features. First is the Alan Bison II, or 15cm sIG auf Fahrgestell Pz II (sf). This one uses Tamiya wheels and suspension from their Wespe kit, Model Kasten tracks, Eduard etch, the Tiger Model Designs gun again, and a Royal Model Pz II transmission. It’s set in a North African desert scene with DML Afrika Korps infantrymen. The second one is the Alan Grille “M” (which is really a Grille K), 15cm sIG 33/1 auf SF 38(t), upgraded with Model Kasten tracks, sprockets and idlers and roadwheels and suspension from Tamiya’s Marder III. This one is further improved with scratchbuilt parts, and set on a base depicting a road across a rocky hillside in Normandy with figures from several sources showing its crew being led away as prisoners. Building both diorama bases is described and illustrated as clearly as are the models and figures.

Finally there are sections on the available kits and accessories, preserved vehicle locations in museums, and reference books, magazines and websites as well as the expected page of colour chips with suggested paints.

Highly recommended.

John Prigent

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