Precision Brass Barrels Tiger I Kwk 36 8.8cm L/56

Andrew Dextras


The first product from this new Canadian company is the most accurate and detailed gun barrel for a 1/35 model I've ever seen.

Previously, armour modellers were generally faced with 2 options:  attempt to detail the plastic kit barrel by adding some of the longitudinal detail, rifling and internal muzzle brake detail (risky stuff unless you really know what you're doing) or purchase an aftermarket turned aluminum barrel which usually had less detail than the kit part and comes with a shapeless blob of lead for a muzzle break.

PBB comes to the rescue with a turned brass Tiger I barrel that simply leaves everything else for dead.  The barrel is made up of three parts which simply slide into one another (such is the precision of the machining, no glue was needed on mine!).  The detail on the muzzle break has to be seen to be believed.  The machining time on this product must be staggering and considering the $25.00 purchase price, it's a steal just based on man hour costs alone.

The barrel simply slides into the Tamiya Tiger I mantlet (I didn't try it on the Academy or Italeri kits).  Side by side next to it's competitors, the difference in level of detail is immediate and very obvious to even the casual observer.  There is even rifling in there.  Amazing.

In summary, some modellers spend over US$150.00 on a model and invest 3 months completing a superdetailed masterpiece.  Why not add that final touch the next time you build a Tiger I and add the ultimate in detailed barrels?

Highest possible recommendation.  Simply outstanding.  Quick! Get your hands on one of these before James Blackwell and Angus Creighton buy them all!

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