P&J Designs 7.5cm Pak40 (Sf) auf Geshutzwagen 39(H)

Andrew Dextras

Consisting of almost 200 cleanly cast resin parts, a set of Model Kasten workable tracks and white metal drive sprockets this is the first release from this new company and it's a winner.  The French Hotchkiss 35/39 was outdated by 1941 and the Germans were continually searching for new ways to mount their effective AT guns.  By mounting the powerful 7.5cm Pak 40 onto this outdated chassis the Germans were able to get some firepower onto the little tank which normally would have been confined to anti-partisan duties.

Construction begins with the suspension components.  Roadwheels are molded in with the rear portion of the suspension bogies, this is actually a good idea as it will help with alignment later on and doesn't affect the detail level.  A complete lower hull interior is provided with nice detail on the transmission and rear firewall.

The main superstructure is composed of large castings for each side and a rear panel.  This is much more logical than having lots of smaller assemblies.  A really nice radio is included for the fighting compartment as well as several smaller fittings.

The gun assembly is quite busy, but P&J have kept the amount of subassemblies down to a reasonable level.  The gun barrel is cast in resin and is dead straight in my example.  The Model Kasten tracks are superb, as to be expected from this manufacturer.  Assembly may seem tedious at first, but once you get on a roll they will go together quicker than you might think.

Instructions are printed on 4 double sided 8.5" x 11" pages and include BW photographs  and sketches of the various assembly steps.  Also included is a parts breakdown with a corresponding photograph, handy stuff when you have 200 parts.

In summary, this is a limited production kit, so if you're lucky enough to grab one now you won't be disappointed as quality is top notch.

Mission Models stocks P&J Designs in North America