Plus Model 105 Skoda Type 903 Staff Car

Andrew Dextras

Plus Model's latest release contains 104 cleanly cast resin parts, a medium size sheet of photo etched brass, vacuformed canvas roof and a sheet of decals.  Skoda produced 42 of these 3 axle staff cars between 1940-41 and it used a number of parts from the famous Skoda Superb car.

PM's kit is a nice break from many of the typical modelling subjects.  The model itself is a bit longer than a  Steyr 1500 but narrower.  PM have cast the complete body of the car in one piece and have ingeniously cast the complete floorplan as a "drop in" part made to install from below.

This is no simple softskin kit with 10 parts in the box, it is a highly detailed replica and will take you more than an evening to assemble.  The suspension is highly detailed, a complete engine is supplied, interior detail (especially the seats) is excellent and the tires are simply excellent.  The photo etch front grille is superb.

Instructions are line drawings of each assembly and decals are supplied for 2 vehicles in German service, one gray, the other in dark yellow.

As a nice touch to this well done kit, Plus Model have been nice enough to provide modellers who are building their kit plenty of wartime and detail images of the real thing on their website located here: Type 903.

Very highly recommended.

Plus Model Website