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Sd kfz 251 in Polish Museums

Andrew Dextras

Recently published by Wydawnictwo as part of a new series called Militaria in Detail, this reference book covers, as the title implies, the German Sdkfz 251 halftrack in many close-up detail images. The book features 62 pages with an almost even split of black and white and colour images along with 4 colour plates and a 1/35 scale line drawing. The book focuses mostly on a 251/3 Ausf. D that was recovered from a river in 1996 and restored to running condition. There is also some minor coverage of 2 unrestored 251/1s in Polish facilities.

The format is in a similar style to the Nuts and Bolts series but with less text. The images were obviously taken with the modeller in mind and are very useful for anyone intending to detail a 251. The section on radios and radio racks is very useful for anyone converting their 251/1 into a 251/3. The images cover pretty well every inch of the vehicle and the colour images of the engine compartment are also very useful for detailers.

In summary, this book is an excellent addition to any German WWII AFV enthusiast’s library. Combined with the very good Nuts and Bolts 251/9 book, modellers of this vehicle series now have enough detailed images to create a really superdetailed 251.

Wydawnictwo books can be purchased from Airconnection

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