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Dio Art German Ammunition Cartons (1/35)

by Tor Riley

This accessory set for dioramas or AFVs features two printed sheets that can be cut and folded to form German ammunition cartons. Presumably these were used to supply ammunition in bulk, which was then placed in magazines, MG belt feeds, etc. by the troops. Two sheets of twelve identical boxes are provided. The boxes are marked 'Luftdichter Patronenkasten' ('sealed ammunition box') on the top, have a German Army eagle and a reference number along the sides, and a broad red stripe across each end. It is a simple matter to cut along the lines, score the reverse face along the folding lines with the back of a modeling knife, and glue the box together.

The register and printing of these sheets is perfect, and the boxes would look great on supply vehicles or dioramas. My only criticism is that no information sheet describing the use of these boxes, the period they were used in, the method of packing the ammunition inside them, or the type of ammunition they held, was included. I suspect they were introduced late war, perhaps after viewing similar captured US ammunition boxes, but this is only a guess. Dio-Art could take a tip from the excellent standard of information included on similar Hudson and Allen products. I purchased this set from Accurate Armour (http://www.accurate-armour.com)


Tor Riley


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