Royal Model 261 Marder III

Andrew Dextras

Designed to fit Tamiya's recent release of this little tank destroyer, this update set is certainly one of Royal Model's most ambitious sets to date.  The main parts consist of 2 large photo etched brass sheets, 2 large photo etched nickel sheet and a small bag of resin detail parts. 

Construction begins with the fenders and RM has decided to etch the longitudinal reinforcing strips as is instead of the press with ball point pen method used by Aber.  Most modellers will find these RM fenders easier to use.  The kit instructions then let the modeller begin the journey of replacing the complete superstructure with the nickel etched parts.  These are thicker than the brass sheets as to be expected to simulate the thickness of the armour plates.  A variety of detail parts are included for the interior of the fighting compartment as well as an engine screen and louver.  Some nice detail parts are also included to detail the crew seats.

Moving to the sides and front of the Marder, replacement hatches for the driver & co-driver are included as well as the tool fittings, grouser stowage box, resin jack block and a multipart fire extinguisher assembly featuring both resin and etched parts.

The update set finishes off with a complete replacement gunshield and some small detail parts for the gun mount itself.  The many rivets that need to be added to the gunshield are supplied in resin but it might be easier to use plastic ones from Grandt Line or Modelkasten instead.

Overall, a knockout punch from Royal Model.

Highly recommended.

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