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Tamiya #35235 s.gl. Pkw Steyr Typ 1500A/01 Kommandeurwagen

Terry Ashley

This new incarnation of Tamiya's excellent Steyr kit of last year is not just a minor facelift, but is predominantly new. Apart from the chassis, suspension, engine hood, front fenders, bumper and wheels the rest is entirely new.

The kit comprises about 140 parts for the kit itself plus a few extra bits from the earlier kit not used here. Moulded in the same beige coloured plastic, you still get the usual Tamiya mesh for the engine grills. It would have been nice for Tamiya to follow the precedent of the Dragon Wagon by including etched parts in their kits. But the etched grill set (No.35226) is still sold separately to replace the mesh provided. Six clear pieces for the windscreen and side windows is included plus the 4 poly caps to attach the wheels

The chassis and wheels and are identical to the first kit. The chassis is moulded in one piece to which you attach the engine bottom pan, the suspension, drive train and exhausts. The wheels include separate brake drums, which trap a poly cap allowing you to easily add and remove the wheels.  The main body is loaded with detail. The rear luggage compartment can have its door positioned open or closed. There is a full interior including the spare tyre in it's own compartment. All four doors are separate and also can be positioned any way you want. The doors are simple brilliant. Each is made up of three parts, the outer panel and interior lining plus the clear 'glass' which is trapped between the two. Just like the real thing, you almost expect them to wind up and down. The doors have the handles and other detail included.

The seats have excellent texture with the two front seats having separate backs. These are detailed with grab handles and small pouches. Two alternative tops are included, a full 'cabriolet' top and folded top which fits nicely on the rear body. It is very east to interchange the two tops and the windows to vary the appearance of the model. There are no permanent alterations needed for whichever fit you choose.

The two figures included with the first kit (driver and standing officer) are joined by a third sitting officer for the rear seat. Pennant flags are also included for the front fenders as most of these vehicles were used as 'elite' transport predominantly behind the lines.

Four vehicles are represented on the decal sheets, a late war overall yellow vehicle with two colour cam and three overall Grey schemes, one of these is depicted with white winter cam on the instruction sheet, but really the finishes are limitless.

Another superb kit from Tamiya, we have come to expect nothing less these days. As mentioned, the final appearance is totally different from the first Steyr kit and not just a simple facelift. With the three figures included you almost get a diorama in a box.

Highly recommended, a full build review will follow soon.

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