Tamiya 35252 King Tiger Ardennes Front

Andrew Dextras

Essentially a repackaging of Tamiya's earlier release of the Tiger II (kit 35164), this new release is actually a much better value than the older kit.  The Tiger II remains the same except for the optional parts for the late style smooth mantlet, a nice touch that adds some variety.  Tamiya also includes their excellent DKW NZ350 motorcycle and adds some optional parts to model the later version of the NZ350.  The later versions had a smaller headlight and metal stowage bins.  Also included are 3 nicely done figures - a motorcycle rider signaling to the Tiger II tank commander and loader.  Sculpting is very nice, as has become the norm with Tamiya's recent figures.

Markings include 2 Tiger IIs from sSSPz Abt 501 (#008, #332 & #204) and "555" from sSSPzAbt 502, all 3 in an "ambush" scheme.  Check your references though, some of these were hardedged, others were softedge.  Additionally, be careful of the circular w/cross markings (decal #14 on the sheet) for tank "332", as it is believed that this was added by US troops after they captured the beast.

The Tiger II kit is very well detailed and perfectly molded, very little needs to be done to accurise the kit.  Kit tracks are one piece vinyl type and well detailed on both sides, if you chose to model the kit with full sideskirts most may not even want to bother replacing them with aftermarket workables.   Otherwise, the kit is perfect base for superdetailers and if you chose to go this route Tamiya makes your job a lot easier because the kit itself goes together very well and quickly.

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