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1/35-scale Dragon King Tiger Porsche Turret (35025)


Voyager Models photo-etch update set for the
1/35-scale Dragon King Tiger Porsche Turret (35025)

by Nick Cortese

As many of fans of German Armour are aware, Dragon as released a number of excellent 1/35 variants of the King Tiger, all with there own distinctive differences and subtle changes.

Simply put, simply building any of the Dragons series of King Tiger variants “out of the box” can produce a very nice model indeed, but our friends at Voyager models have produced a couple of pretty comprehensive etch detail sets for both Henschel and Porsche Turret versions of the King Tiger which will definitely add definition and refinement to your finished model.

The update set
This set contains no more than 8 etch frets with the now infamous different etch gauge thickness for an added dimensional effect, two different cables lengths brass tubing and finally 4 plastic rods.

Most of the etch frets are from the shared “King tiger & Jagdtiger” etch sets and generic “German tool clamps” only 2 are specifically for this set.

Packaged ever so neatly in the typical Voyager C.D. book-style, the cardboard casing includes 3 pages of very detailed build instructions.Specific items included are:
• 8 etch frets
• A small square sheet of 0.5 ABS board
• 0.7 x 15mm copper tube
• 0.3 x 30mm steel wire
• 0.4 x 450mm cable
• 0.5 x 400mm cable
• 1.0 mm x 50mm ABS rod
• 0.5 mm x 150mm ABS rod
Most of these items are which add make up many of the tow cables which (surprisingly states 200mm copper cable) and small rod items.

Amongst the many detail parts Voyager have wisely included a Zimmerit applicator much like the Tamiya etch offering, nicely ridged for those who prefer not using the screwdriver method of application.

And also, an etch template for the Balkenkreutz cross makings are included which is a step up from having to gloss coat when using decals but may prove a bit more difficult in terms of cutting the cross template using the tape method.

Of course the mot obvious and striking feature is the quality of the rear mesh engine exhaust screens. Simply beautiful work. These are most impressive and have a nice dimensional look which really makes a huge difference.
Various small details like latches and tool clamps as well as tiny wing nuts are included.

Both front and back fenders are included with much attention to the rear fender detail.

The quality and overall value of this etch set is nothing short than excellent. A fine update addition to building a comprehensive Porsche Turret King Tiger (incidentally both Voyager Models Henschel and Porsche Turret King Tiger etch sets are very similar in content)

This set should be aimed towards the more experienced modeler who is familial with working with Zimmerit and it’s various applications as well as a firm understanding of late war King tiger tanks but it’s not too over the top for someone wanting to give it a “go” at familiarizing themselves with working with etch.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Voyager models for the review sample. http://www.voyagermodel.com/