Warriors MW021 Tigers in Tunisia Dry Transfers

Andrew Dextras

New from Warriors is a line of dry transfers aimed at armour modellers.  First up in this series is a set designed for anyone wanting to model a Tiger I tank in the North African conflict.

The familiar large numbered sPzAbt 501 numbering in both white outline and red with white outline is included as well as the 501 "stalking Tiger" logo.  Also included are some 504 numbering as well as standard white outlined black balkenkreuz and plain white outlined balkenkreuz.

The sheet measures approx 3.5" x 8" and features 4 colour printing.  Registration is good although one of the number "3" on my sheet was slightly off.  On the plus side they are extremely thin so they should weather very well.

Overall, a nice start to this line of dry transfers.

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