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Karaya tow cables for modern Russian armour

by Lester Plaskitt

With the release of Tamiya's T-55 and a renewed interest in modern Russian armour sparked by the recent conflict in Iraq, Karaya from Poland have released a set of modern Russian vehicle towing eyes and cable for use on T-55, T-62, T-72, T-80 and T-90 Russian tanks and also a number of Russian soft skins. The set comprises 4 towing eyelets cast in cream coloured resin and a 50cm length of copper cable. The cable has been very tightly wound which gives the correct compact winding found on vehicle tow cables: also, the cable is very pliable and can be bent into position without a resulting spring back from the wire which in turn means the cable will not require annealing before fitting. The four towing eyes are very cleanly cast with no flash and the casting gate located on one edge of the eye, and will take very little cleaning up after the gate has been removed using a scalpel. Another advantage of this gating method is the bottom of the eyes is pre-drilled and only requires the cable to be inserted and secured with superglue. On the whole a very neat accessory item.

For information contact Karaya at www.karaya.ceti.pl