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Bison Decal Sheet 35007 Challenger 2 MBT “In Iraq”

by Graeme Davidson

This sheet is screen printed and includes markings for 3 complete tanks as follows:

RoyalScots Dragoon Guards “One One Bravo” [11B]
RoyalScots Dragoon Guards “Four One” [41]
2 RoyalTank Regiment “Four Zero” [40]

Instructions comprise a single photo copied sheet with somewhat small call-out plan views and a decal legend. The legend is something different as individual markings are not identified by and subscript on the sheet itself. There are also a few internet and print references provided. The film looks quite good and registration is very good with only a slight off-set of white on the Union Flag.

These would do well on a Trumpeter Challenger 2, but I believe the RSDG 11B callsign is already included in the new Tamiya kit.