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Decalmaniacs Finnish Postwar AFVs (DM-026)

by Frank V. De Sisto

Waterslide decals in 1/35th-scale. Contains one, 5 x 7.75-inch decal sheet and instructions. Price: $8.00 USD, plus $3.85 USD Priority Mail shipping in the continental USA. For other areas, contact the manufacturer using the information at the end of this review.

The second new sheet to be released by those madmen from the wilds of New Jersey, covers the post-war marking systems for AFVs used by Finland. This set starts off with enough vehicle license plates to mark 40 different AFVs, including MBTs, APCs, SPs and recovery vehicles. In addition there are 22 small white/blue/white roundels and 16 larger roundels. There are also two sets each of yellow and blue stripes. These last items are not mentioned in the instructions, so I am not sure what they are used for.

The instructions discuss camouflage colors, the evolution of the national insignia as seen on Finnish AFVs, and finally, the meaning of the number sequences of the license plates. This last bit is backed up by a chart which depicts two different permutations of the sequencing system. There are no references provided.

This is another nice, useful set for those that want something different when marking a model.


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