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Accurate Armour C12 VT-34 ARV Andrew Dextras
Accurate Armour KT118 Ferret Mk. 1/1 Andrew Dextras
Accurate Armour KT124 Ferret Mk 5 Peter Brown
Accurate Armour C58 Warrior Infantry Command Vehicle Matthew Malogorski
AFV Club 35S-03 Waffentrager "Wiesel"MK20A1 Matthew Malogorski
AFV Club 35022 LVTP5A1 Landing Vehicle Tracked, Personnel Terry Ashley
AFV Club British CVR(T) FV101 Scorpion Peter Brown
Arsenal BRDM-1 John Prigent
Eastern Express GAZ-66 with AA Gun ZU-23-2 Peter Brown
Eduard 35054 Sheridan Matthew Malogorski
Eduard 35070 MLRS Matthew Malogorski
Eduard 35203 Skif T-64A John Prigent
Eduard 35212 Skif BMP-3 John Prigent
Eduard #35319 M109A6 Paladin Frank De Sisto
Eduard #35328 T-80 MBT Frank De Sisto
Eduard #35329 T-72M2 w/ERA Frank De Sisto
Eduard #35336 URAL-4320 Frank De Sisto
Elite Models #3505 Pzh 155mm M109A3GEA1 Conversion Matthew Malogorski
Friulmodel ATL-63 Merkava Mk 1/2 Andrew Dextras
Hong Kong Creation Workshop CK3502 Stridsvagn 122 (Strv 122) Andrew Dextras
ICM #35381 Soviet BM-21 "Grad" Cookie Sewell
Italeri #367 M925 Shelter Truck Cookie Sewell
Italeri #378 LAV-25 Motor Carrier Peter Brown
Model Valley #001 M1A1 Engine Set Frank De Sisto
Model Valley #005 Gun Truck for AFV Club M35 Frank De Sisto
Modelcraft Canada #35-9009 Centurion Mk. 3 Peter Brown
Panzershop #3503 T-55AM2 Olaf Kievit
Panzershop #3513 BTR-60PB Olaf Kievit
Revell (GmbH) #03037 Haubitze 203mm M110A2 Cookie Sewell
Royal Models #023 Microdetails for DML MLRS Matthew Malogorski
Skif 2S1 Gvozdika John Prigent
Tamiya #89555 Centurion Mk III Peter Brown
Trumpeter T-54/55 Series Kits Peter Brown
Warriors MW006 M109A2 SP Howitzer Turret Interior Andrew Dextras
Warriors MW007 - M109 A1/A3 detail and accessory set  Andrew Dextras
Warriors MW011 M109/A1/A2 Lower Fighting Compartment Andrew Dextras
Washington Armor Productions WAC056 BMP wheels Andrew Dextras


Antar: The FV1200 series in British Army Service Peter Brown
Australian Fire Support Vehicles Peter Brown
Beulah MT7 AFV Techniques Video Peter Brown
The British Army - A Pocket Guide 2000-2001 Peter Brown
Canadians in Bosnia - A Study of Canadian AFVs in NATO Service in Bosnia Peter Brown
Commander - The Scammel Commander in British Army Service Peter Brown
Conqueror Peter Brown
Darlington #21 YPR 765 in Dutch Service Matthew Malogorski
Ferret: the FV700 series in British Army Service Peter Brown
German Wheeled Fighting Vehicles Peter Brown
IS ARVs - Tankograd Special #1 Peter Brown
IS ARVs - Tankograd Special #1 Andrew Dextras
The Tankograd Gazette Andrew Dextras
Israeli Military Vehicles - The First 50 Years 1948-1998 Peter Brown
Sovetskaya Voyennaya Moshch': Ot Stalina Do Gorbacheva (Soviet Military Power: From Stalin to Gorbachev) Cookie Sewell
Challenger Squadron Peter Brown
Russian Tanks and Armoured Vehicles 1946 to the Present Peter Brown
Concord # 7503 Russia's Main Battle Tank T-80U Tony Leung
Tanks in Chechnya Cookie Sewell
Warrior Company Peter Brown
Tuskers - An Armor Battalion in the Gulf War John Prigent
Wings and Wheels #6 Israeli Armour in Detail Peter Brown



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