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Mirage Hobby's C7P (P) "Klara" German Recovery vehicle, 1/72 scale, Kit No. 72892 (in box review)

by Alex Clark

Several kits based on the Vickers E / 7TP light tank are available from the Polish company Mirage Hobby. The C7P was a Polish recovery vehicle/tractor based on the 7TP tank. A number of these were captured early in the war and put back into use with new markings. In some cases they were also repainted.

The kit has many parts in common with the other 7TP kits including the sprues for the lower hull and running gear. There are 7 sprues in total including one of clear plastic for the windows mounted around the cab. The moulding is good with no flash present and sharp, well defined detail. The tracks are single piece rubber-band style parts and are well detailed. Although I prefer hard plastic track, these certainly look acceptable. There is even a small fret of photoetched brass parts including mesh for the grills, several straps with buckles for the canvas window covers and other small items. Some of the tools, such as the shovel, are provided as photoetched parts although it would be better to replace these with items from the spares box.

A fairly comprehensive interior is included and most of this will be clearly visible through the windows fitted around the body of the vehicle.

The instructions are clear and well laid out with dual Polish / English text. Markings are provided for 4 vehicles, 3 in overall khaki and one in Panzer Grey. A nice touch is the inclusion of a small picture for 3 of the schemes along with some background information on the each vehicle. Literature references are also listed which is useful.

In conclusion, this is an excellent kit. The high quality of the detail and moulding is further enhanced by the inclusion of open hatches, separate tools and photoetched parts. I would certainly rate it as amongst the best injection moulded kits in this scale at present. There are also a number of aftermarket accessories now available for these kits. Probably the most useful item, for those who don't like rubber band style track, is the photoetched track set from Part.

Mirage Hobby website: www.mirage-hobby.com.pl